Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon banner showing the start of the race in 1993


















Toilet facilities will be available from 8:30am in the toilets adjacent to Jenners. Access to the toilets is from the door adjacent to the bus and car parks on the opposite side of the store from the pedestrian concourse. There are also toilets at Balloch Bus Station at the junction of Balloch Road and Carrochan Road. Toilet facilities will also be available after the race only in the Play Drome.

Changing and Showers:
Changing and showers are available in the Playdrome after the race.

As space is limited, one small bag only per runner may be taken on the bus. One bus will return to the Playdrome with the baggage after the start of the race. All bags should be clearly marked with the runner's name and address or race number.

Food and Drink:
A selection of snacks and drinks will be on sale at the Playdrome after the race

First Aid Services:
Will be supplied this year by the Red Cross and the First Aid Officials will patrol the course until the last runner completes the race. If you have a medical condition, which you consider that the First Aid Officials should be aware of, please mark a cross in red ink on the front of your race number and details of the condition on the reverse of the number. If details of the condition are notified to the Race Organiser prior to the race date, these details will be passed to the Chief First Aid Official.

Your Safety and Third Parties:

Runners are responsible for their own safety and should take care during the race particularly at road junctions. Please show consideration for other road users, do not impede pedestrians or motor vehicles on the race route and follow any instructions given by race marshals or the Police. In particular runners and their supporters should note that Seaforth Road where the race finishes is a private road, which will not be closed for the duration of the race. Vehicles belonging to Clyde Shopping Centre Management and Staff and delivery vehicles must be allowed unimpeded access during the race.


Dunbartonshire Amateur Athletic Association